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The Expanse

I heard a couple of months ago that they were making a Syfy show out of one of my favorite guilty-pleasure book series and my blood ran cold when Andrew posted this video on Facebook. 

I'm willing to give it a chance, but the books are a freewheeling space opera with tons of humor as the glue that holds it all together and this looks super heavy and dour. Plus I see too many sexxxy young people in old-people roles. Plus nobody has the weird space-bodies that are a major racial thing in the books. 

Anybody else read these books? They have the coolest cover art.



  • Why is the title on the back cover.
  • edited January 2015
    I read the Corey books and liked them. And as for space operas with good covers, I also enjoyed Ancillary Justice:


  • Why is the title on the back cover.

    I think that's just a web graphic or something. These are what the other books look like:


    I just dig that giant Futura font laid over a huge impressionistic crash of space shards.

  • Sole, someone just recently turned me on to John Harris (the artist of your cover) and I am way into it. 

  • I've not read these books (but I'm gonna now), but the trailer does look pretty dour. But that could just be the way they felt compelled to market it? 

    Also that John Harris painting is incredible. 
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