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customer disservice

[ "Pub" discussion (meaning Google-discoverable, right?) ]

The sharp tacks in Frontier Communications' billing office tried to pad my internet bill by an extra $250, lollers.  Didn't they learn the last time?


  • Boy. Frontier Communications sounds pretty incompetent. Maybe I should not give Frontier Communications my business? (On the other hand, the Bleeping Computer fiasco makes me think I should be careful of what I write.
  • Nurse accused me of not following orders because I didn't have a urine culture run. This despite the fact that I handed her a cup of piss.

    She then said I needed to come back down and provide another sample. When I got to the lab she had not entered a work order and could not be reached, so I have to go back today (assuming she does her job at some point, while she still has a job).

  • I was overcharged by Sears on a roofing job, been a few weeks and several phone calls and no correction in sight.

    Also, AT&T cut my sprinkler line when they ran internet to my neighbor's house.  Also in the midst of a plethora of phone calls.
  • Five star resort in the caribbean. Book a honeymoon couple into a room with two queen beds even though we'd paid for a room with a king bed. When we complain, they move us to a suite .. a suite with malfunctioning plumbing. And the bottles of champagne that a close friend and our travel agent paid for? After we complained because it hadn't shown up, they had to do an 'investigation' and it finally showed up on the last night. Lesson learned: Complain a lot. All for only $1000/night! 

    The rest of the trip was amazeballs, but the resort sucked. 
  • I'm not sure I'd ever pay $1000 for a room unless it came with hookers and blow.
  • and $900 stuffed in the pillows.
  • aka, the DEA agent special
  • We don't spend a lot of money on much of anything, so we decided to splurge for once. And my wife isn't a big fan of hookers.
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    This is pretty low level by comparison. I use a podcast app called Pocket Casts that was the best thing going in 2014 or so but they haven't updated it even one bit since then despite charging money for the web version which was touted as the way to get support. So I paid money to use an otherwise free app just so I could open some bug reports on some really annoying bugs in an otherwise decent app.

    Anyway there was no real support for my money... the only way you get any direct response out of them is their twitter where they will often just be cutesy or dodgy because they have no real intent to fix this version of their app and then after an entire year of not answering anyone's "when's the iOS update coming?" questions, they start writing these looooong blog posts about how hard it is to be alive. 

  • It is very difficult to be alive. I sympathize.
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    If you're looking for an alternative overcast is amazing
  • I had it installed whe it first came out but I think they wanted to charge money for basic functions so I peaced. Looks better now and these apps finally have import/export! I'll try it!
  • Yeah I think this might be my new jam, Mick! Thanks!

    The only downside is the lack of a grid view in the main list. I have dozens and dozens of subscriptions I love to ignore while scrolling to my favorite goth/industrial podcast and it's really taxing my swipe muscle.
  • donate and unlock the power of DARK MODE!
  • Does that literally just make the interface dark or does it come with xtreme bonuses?
  • So far the only benefits of donation is dark mode (changes bg to black and changes all the orange to teal), adds the ability to upload any mps and play it back, and knowing that the developer can make his Tesla lease payment.

    He as promised more upgrades in the future.
  • oh I don't care enough about any of that to shed cash, but blessings to those who do.
  • I'll second the Overcast recommendation. 
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