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I had Scot in my mouth last night.  It was sweet and meaty but ultimately a letdown.



  • The label... feels right at home on a Home Depot shelf.
  • OP is 100% on the money

    Not the best scotch ale despite it's killer branding. So far I'm still sticking with Belhaven Wee Heavy but Traquair has some moves too.
  • Clown Shoe's Wee Heavy is the business, but can't be found. Which makes me very disappointed every time I go to the liquor store.

    Also, the packaging:


  • Oh shit I never would have given that a second glance. We have a Clown Shoes shelf in my go-to store. I'll check it out. 

    In my limited experience, the microbreweries that I see the most often at my friends' "weird beer" parties tend to just make every fucking thing into an IPA. Pilsner? HOP IT UP. Stout? ADD HOPS. Chocolate Milk? WE FUCKING FILLED IT WITH SAUVIN AND GLACIER HOPS.
  • Founder's "Dirty Bastard" is also a solid Wee Heavy. "Backwoods Bastard" is the same beer aged in bourbon barrels, and is pretty much the best thing ever.
  • That Clown Shoes label is terrific in its audacity; yes, slay my thirst, my Clown Kween!  I'd buy out of curiosity.
  • All of Clown Shoes labels / names are crazy, but their beer is pretty solid.
  • We are living in the golden age of microbrew labels.

    Once, I went to one of our local microbreweries and 7 out of 10 beers were IPAs... they made 7 IPAs.

    I like IPAs, but that's absurd. There's more to life than hops. 
  • I'll drink all your IPA's. They're popular, breweries will keep making them. Speaking with some bartenders at bars with lots of IPA's on tap often say that the margins they make on the IPA taps let them put other more unique/niche beers on that they make break even or lose money on. So bring them on.
  • It's okay, once you weather the pumpkins, everything goes dark for several months.  It's a wondeful time of year.
  • Yes, everything is going dark for several months. THIS IS A TERRIBLE TIME OF YEAR.
  • Do any of y'all drink at lunch?  Does your workplace prohibit?
    I have fond memories of the startup I worked at that kept a beer fridge stocked.
  • one beer at lunch...

  • Seriously?  A quesadilla is more dangerous for me in that regard than a beer.
  • Yeah admittedly I don't have a ton of experience with it, but day drinking just gives me a short window of elevated mood and lowered inhibitions followed by looming coma and low grade headaches. 

    I can piledrive any amount of food all day long, but 2 beers before sunset and I'm garbage on a plate.
  • we used to have liquor lunches here (until the born-again new ceo put the kibosh on it).  the two occasions i imbibed had me totally useless for the rest of the afternoon.  

    hell, we can't even bring unopened liquor on the premises any longer.
  • I would occasionally have wine with lunch - or at an afternoon meeting - at both of my major employers in Portland. Since moving back to TN, I've either worked at government agencies, healthcare providers, or non-profits, all of which frown on day drinking. But yeah, these days I'm useless after a glass of wine so it's probably a good thing. 
  • you guys are so sad. woman up! or geologist up!

    an ultra Christian manager here managed to use a slight rules change to convince everyone who worked in the offices at my job that there was absolutely no drinking during the day. it worked for 2 years after she quit. evidently, gullible is not in our dictionary. when we finally found out it was BS we promptly went out for wine/beer lunch at the brewery across the street.
  • There have definitely been times - especially lately - where I am sorely tempted to have a drink at lunch. I guess the fact that I work at a non-profit Christ-centered drug & alcohol treatment facility has more power over me than my own will. :) 
  • Once there was a company party where they were serving alcohol and it freaked me the fuck out.
  • who's down to kickstarter me a train ticket to contradiction town where I will buy them their first flaming moe?
  • If you come by bring along a lethal dosage of barbituates and/or opiates, willya?
  • We have a pretty strong drink culture. There's always beer in the fridge.
  • I'll be in Ohio for Thanksgiving.  Anything particular local I need to try?
  • Where in Ohio? 

    Some favorites: 

    Black Cloister - Toledo
    Warped Wing - Dayton
    Seventh Son - Columbus
    Land-Grant - Columbus
    Four String - Columbus
    Zauber - Columbus
    Great Lakes - Columbus
    MadTree - Cincinnatti 

  • Xenia.

    Last time I was there I had (and my rating):
    Warped Wing Abominator 3/5
    Warped Wing Ermal's Belgian Cream 4/5
    Seventh Son Syzygy 3.25/5
    MadTree Thundersnow 4/5

    Great Lakes I'm very familiar with.  I will have to try to find stuff from those other breweries.
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