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In This Thread: Revisit Good Artists Who Went Bad

You know when you are 19 and your favorite musician puts out their next album that doesn't sound exactly like their first album and you hate them forever? I'm old now so I am revisiting some of that and finding out how wrong I often was. 

Exhibit A is Squarepusher. He landed me at a time when I really liked Aphex Twin disciples with skittery drums and sing-song synths which is what all of his early stuff sounds like. They he took a complete turn and let the world know he was also an extremely talented virtuoso bassist (sincerely) by making several albums of experimental abstract fusion stuff (boring) which he then began slowly mixing with his earlier sound (less boring, but I was long gone).

FFWD to 2017 and he has a band where other extremely talented musicians play his complicated old electronica live wearing daft punk LED masks and it's extremely good and this lead to me revisiting a track from the dark era which has the best Epcot center / starfield adventure fantasy chord progression I have ever heard. I could listen to what happens around the 3:00 mark on a loop for practically eternity and not get bored. So congratulations, Squarepusher, on secretly burying my favorite song in the middle of an entire career I have ignored!


  • I don't have a redemption story for this and it is super mainstream, but Radiohead was my disappointment. OK Computer blew my mind. Kid A? Not so much. I tried listening to some of their later stuff too, and nothing has grabbed my attention.

  • Okay. Here's a partial redemption story, although it is again mainstream: The Beach Boys. I liked the old hits from the Endless Summer compilation and Good Vibrations blew my mind the first time I heard it. Then in 2004 Darian Sahanaja's re-engineering of Smile came out. I listened to the album and didn't get it at all. It just sounded like orchestral harmonic noise.

    In the past few years I have put the live recording into my regular rotation. Smile is definitely okay, although I continue to dislike Van Dyke Parks as a lyricist even when I understand what he is trying to say. There are other gems in the Beach Boys catalogue that I like more.

  • Radiohead lost me an Amnesiac. I loved Kid A but I think if I could go back in time and examine my habits, I probably just hit repeat on Idioteque over and over which is still a certified banger. There are other really interesting tracks on the album (National Anthem's wild horn section is nice) but there's also a whole lot of borderline U2 type stuff that doesn't hold water for me.

    Anyway, yeah... Idioteque is my only argument for Kid A re-evaluation.

  • Bands that started strong that repeatedly disappointed later:
    Stone Temple Pilots
    Pearl Jam
    Busta Rhymes

  • Did you hear "No 4" from Stone Temple Pilots? It was tight.

  • Did Alanis Morrissette produce anything worthwhile after Jagged Little Pill?
  • Can we agree that Alanis Morrissette was a poor Liz Phair knock-off and that nothing she produced was worthwhile?
  • edited July 2017
    I don't think she meant to be that way after the first couple songs... but I will say that if you can plug your ears and I CAN'T HEAR YOU I CAN'T HEAR YOU through whatever stuff is going on with the actual lyrics, Thank U is kinda sick.

    I might feel that way because I was working produce at the time and the in-house system seemed to be loaded up with female vocalists drizzled over freelance trip hop and bjork producers to give them a moody synth banger. This one is still my fave. Listen to all that Boards of Canada shit happening over such a plain old song and I'm not even talking about the bananas string section.

    Some mornings I'd be at work at 6 am and those strings would just come slithering in out of nowhere when the system started up. That is a weird way to wake up at work.
  • Even madonna was getting in on it. This video could have come out last year, it's so eternally fresh.

  • I appreciate Madonna because it seemed like every album she reinvented her style.
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