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Dumb Topic #2 - Appetizing Movie Scenes

edited February 2015 in The Pub
From the thread where I proved conclusively that Andrew is wrong about crunching sounds, I decided maybe I will do my best to spawn a very dumb smalltalk segment at least once a week or maybe month. Maybe quarter.

I am going to avoid really obvious choices where there is clearly a feast meant to invoke delicious feelings... otherwise this list would be all God of Cookery. These are my all time scenes that make me want to eat something.


Mel Smith is a grubby hotel clerk and he opens a book only to find what I envision as a sauce-covered wad of cheese and pepperoni. I don't know if sauce covered pepperoni is a normal thing to encounter in England, though... could be a banger or a mash or a yorkie bar.

It is definitely intended to be disgusting, but I instantly imagine that nice cheap grocery store pizza sauce flavor and it's all that I want.


Chris shows up to a lab very noisily eating pink yogurt out of a beaker my mind races with thoughts of delicious old shitty sugary runny 80s raspberry yogurt.



Damone shows up to to the German restaurant to give Rat his wallet and takes a bite out of a huge obnoxious squirty pepper and I LOVE those peppers.



I want that blue milk so bad. I just KNOW it tastes like that delicious barium shake you get before a body scan. 

Honorable mention goes to the little granola turd that Yoda steals from Luke. I have an appetite for utility foods like Wasa and Fitnessbrot and Grape Nuts and Meusli so I am positive that thing tastes cool.


Brad Pitt crunching chips on the telephone makes me want chips instantly. He's really chewing the hell out of those chips.



General Slauson takes a taste of the stew and chews on a few little bits and I can JUST PICTURE THE FLAVOR.


  • I was thinking I had no comparable experiences, but then I remembered being a kid watching the original Charlie Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory.

    And then there was this scene in the 80's flick "Band of The Hand" where the rascals bond with their paramilitary leader over his apparently tasty jungle-brewed soup containing ant or termite eggs "for protein", which made me pretty damn curious.
  • The bit in "Big Trouble in Little China" where one of the henchmen just grabs a whole fish and takes a bite, for some reason, has always stuck with me. I know it would probably be gross, but secretly suspect it might be the most delicious thing ever.
  • Oh yeah in Willy Wonka, most of the candybars that people are after are the big normal Hershey-bar type chocolate slabs but for some reason, all the budget bullshit Charlie can afford are weird off-brand things like that skinny wrapper of marshmallow-looking discs that he rams into his face with abandon and then the giant crumbly moon-pie cookie thing he tries to share with his mysteriously bedridden family.

    Those two candies really get to me. 
  • This is a scene from the 1965 French film Les Gendarmes à New York by Jean Girault. It stars Michel Galabru as adjudant Gerber, who shows his colleagues how to prepare a rich and juicy entrecôte...bit too rich but everytime I see it, my mouth waters (especially when I am on a diet!).

  • edited February 2015
    Oh that reminds me, I watched a few episodes of an anime named Tatami Galaxy where one of the characters sits down and eats most of a giant cake called a Castella by himself.


    I don't know why, but this thing has really gotten my attention. I looked up some recipes online and found this verrry fancy and delicious looking green tea marble variation.



  • The "eat and eat and eat until you die" reminds me of the Grande Bouffe, in which a group of friends get together in a villa and eat themselves to death...among other pleasurable excesses.

  • you have my undivided attention
  • There are like a dozen supercuts of Brad Pitt eating because people find that shit entertaining:

  • I feel similarly to Andrew about eating noises, and I am also kind of grossed out by watching people eat sometimes (the opening title sequence of Dexter is THE WORST THING) but I read the Joy Luck Club when I was in college and I still crave fried tofu whenever I thikn about it. 
  • edited February 2015
    I always wanted to try the Star Trek TOS food cubes.

  • I've never see those but they look great. They are causing me some cognitive dissonance because they look like Starburst but the 60s color scheme is making me think of cheap mixed vegetables.
  • I forgot that the scene where Carol Anne puts the twizzler in the cigar box with the dead bird always makes me really want some twizzlers. 
  • Sometimes I think we are related.

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