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Words you find ridiculous



  • onomatopoeia
  • edited October 15
  • I use that one all the time.
  • So many vowels
  • "privilege". I still do not know how to spell it, never mind understaning exactly how it got weaponized.

    I also cannot spell "recuperate" or "annihilation". That last one seems particularly ridiculous to me.

  • Privilege gets me because I always want there to be a d in ledge
  • Oddly enough, 'controversial'. I keep wanting to spell it with an 'a' in place of the second 'o'.
  • judgment 

    Where the hell did the "e" go?!
  • I also find chromostereopsis ridiculous, but I love it. 

    I've done this in a design review: 
    You got a little chromostereopsis going on here. 
    Chromostereopsis. You know, chromostereopsis? 
  • I refuse to spell judgement without the "e." It's my sad little form of rebellion, I guess. 
  • I looked up chromeopreposterous and I still don't completely get it... it's just letting blue parts be deeper than red ones? the confusing part was wikipedia shows some painting that is all in massively muted earth tones as an example... what the fuck, wikipedia? baby steps, manimage... come on

  • "rhythm" vs. "algorithm"

    ongoing pet peeve: incorrect substitution of "effect" for "affect" and vice-versa; same with "compliment" vs. "complement"

    tangent: I gave in and stopped double-spacing after periods. It finally started looking out of place to me a couple years ago.
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