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Dumb Topic #3 - Bad Movies You Actually Recommend

edited March 2015 in The Pub
Full disclosure, some of these movie and pop culture topics are cribbed from a friend's podcast... but I'll never tell which one!!

So what are some movies you love and would recommend that (to the best of your knowledge) are unpopular, widely hated, or known to be poorly made?

You can go personal ("saw it when I was 11 so i love it") or universal ("the pacing and acting are terrible but the soundtrack is good") but I want you to defend your position as if it were life and death, so universal is probably an easier strategy.

I'll go first: Thank God It's Friday

I am pretty sure that this is a movie most people do not / would not care for at first blush. It's a disco movie from the death rattle of the disco era and it has that exactly-1979-1981 Love Boat style of multiple storyline light comedy... but the singer of Berlin stars as a girl desperate to get into a dance contest, Jeff Goldblum plays an AWESOME sketchy lothario club owner, and there is someone formally named Marv The Leatherman.

Highlights: "Gus and Shirley" - where a classic caricature of a blue collar garbageman runs amok trying to find his computer dating service date.

"Carl and Ken" - two dorks trying to find girls, one of whom is practically blind but refuses to wear his glasses. Listening to him talk for 40 seconds will give you hours of bad, broad NYC accent satisfaction. I am assuming his accent was actually real, but it is a kind of reality as filtered through Mad Magazine.

The Commodores and every single atom of their storyline (yes one of the marquee guest music acts was given a full storyline)

Donna Summer out-acting most of the actual actors (she gets a storyline too!)

And Marv... The Leatherman.

It is a movie that is packed with details and situations and moves pretty quickly. I think if you can get in the right "Love American Style" headspace, it's a cool breeze.
Bonus: My best friend had a skateboard with the poster art!


  • salsal
    edited March 2015

    brb watching it

    I'm absolutely not an author as ultimate voice purist type and I appreciate cross-media experiments and Dune is the Reverend Mother (haha multiple layers of stupid joke to be had here) of them all. well, it would have been second place if Alejandro Jodorowski had managed to make his, but he didn't, so Lynch forever. I mean, the genre is speculative fiction, these stories are BEGGING for reinterpretation.

    for its enduring cultural impact despite being objectively bad I point to the number of stoner rock/metal bands that have sampled the audio, some of which wasn't even in the book (Piter's "I set my mind in motion" chant).
  • Yeah 100%. That's on my list but I figured this might be the rare pro-Dune crowd. 

    That was also my first encounter with a type of fandom that had visually vague source material so I had to wrap my head around that Guild Navigator looking NOTHING like Wayne D. Barlowe's -
  • I highly recommend the documentary Jodorowsky's Dune if you're into the sci fi/spec fic art thing. it may not be news to anyone in the know but when I saw the concept art they show I had a number of "holy shit that's Alien!!" moments.
  • Oh my god the part where they actually fly through the Moebius storyboards to simulate the intro was so good. I got heavy emotions. 
  • I actually think there are a number of epic fantasy/sci-fi movies that were totally panned when they came out and that have an enduring legacy of awfulness as a result that are, in fact, totally decent movies.

    Off the top of my head:
    1) Waterworld
    2) Event Horizon
    3) John Carter 
    4) The Core - this one deserves special note as it is a totally decent B-style Saturday matinee disaster movie that completely knows it's goofy but which jerks (to this day!) hold up as a special example of Hollywood's scientific illiteracy as though this movie took its central premise at all seriously. Furrealz, these days Scifi makes their whole nut making low-budget versions of this shit and no one complains that sharknados aren't a real thing. Plus, Delroy Lindo plays the nerd, which is the best casting ever.
  • Hell yeah! The Core is so cavalier and insane, any textbooks that get too close burst into flames. I have loved it since the first time I saw it.
  • The core is a love letter to crazy-science disaster movies.

    Why do jerks hate love?
  • I love The Day After Tomorrow on the same (but not quite as enthusiastically bonkers) merits.

    Feed me bad science thrillers always. 
  • The Core fuels yearly "get drunk in the geoscience department lecture theatre and heckle the screen" parties at universities everywhere which I believe makes it an unqualified success.
  • *Adaptation* is a snuff film. It's worth watching for the depiction of how a movie gets murdered, but I cannot recommend watching it more than once.

    I am tempted to recommend *Rock and Rule*, but honestly I am not sure whether I have ever watched more than 10 minutes of it.

  • I forced myself to like rock n rule when I was young but almost all 80s grownup cartoons make me super drowsy.
  • I'm drawing a blank on the classics, but I can think of a couple recent bad movie that made me very happy. 

    Look... This movie is as big and dumb as they come. It's for fun. Everyone who dug deep with their critical facilities to write a serious review of this deeply silly movie should feel bad. 

    I also enjoyed The Brass Teapot. It's cute. 
  • Oh yeah h&g all the way. I never heard of the brass teapot though!
  • The Cell

    Probably one of the worst movies ever made, but for some reason I can't help but watch it if I run across it.
  • The Cell was great.

    So was The Fall... Not to be confused with the Gillian Anderson series The Fall, which is also great.

  • Oh man I enjoyed Hansel and Gretel way more than it deserved. 
  • The Cell and The Fall are both are Tarsem movies, right? So basically feature-length music videos?
  • Sure, but really well done. The Fall is a beautiful fable of a movie. Just look at it and get depressed in all the right places. It reminds me a bit of a Gilliam movie.
  • Moving on: Snowpiercer. I've raved about this movie, but when people ask me how it is, I say "bonkers," because I'm kind of hard pressed to say it's actually good.
  • Oh it's good.
  • I still haven't taken the time to watch it yet.  I need to remedy this because everyone I know talks about it.
  • edited April 2015
    If you want a bonkers film that's also good, try Shoot Em Up.
  • watched snowpiercer last night. it was nothing like i expected; but, i totally enjoyed it. 
  • Chalk up another very satisfied viewer!
  • I like Song Kang Ho and his part in it was great, but for some reason I never finished watching it. It was really good but something about it was exhausting so I kept watching in small chunks. 
  • The ending is the worst part of an otherwise excellent movie. You have accidentally adopted a winning strategy!
  • Great details.  I especially like how the story kept building on teaser details, which in other movies just seem to be aesthetic garnishing.  Also, it didn't set off any cliché alarms for me, so big plus for that.
  • There was one part of Snowpiercer that so challenged my suspension of disbelief that it's pretty much the only thing I think about/have to say about it. Oh well that and "Would you wear a shoe on your head? Of course you wouldn’t wear a shoe on your head; a shoe doesn’t belong on your head. A shoe belongs on your foot, a hat belongs on your head," which is a fun thing to say to a toddler after you put a shoe on her head.  
  • just watched snowpiercer when it went by on netflix. pretty different!

    my thought on the very last scene was "I wouldn't be happy to see that..."
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