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Dumb Topic #4: Songs You Shouldn't Even Tolerate Let Alone Enjoy But...

I think I probably already did 2 or 3 variations of this on the old board, but last night I was buying hundreds of bottles of wine to create a vortex of blackouts when I realized I wasn't totally irritated by this song the way I should be. 

so I guess I am drawn to that post Polyphonic Spree child chorus sound because I also am not totally displeased to hear

I kind of hate most of that maximal pop that's out there now, so these are anomalies and I am adjusting filters to compensate.


  • These kids make me feel old.  I feel like I should hate this song just for that.

    I also don't hate this song:

  • I feel like the world should be your oyster if you like that second song. I can't count how many vocal-fry talky-rap musicians I have encountered on tumblr over the last few years. 

    And since I am aging at a rapid pace, "last few years" is probably almost a whole decade I haven't fully registered yet.
  • Oh, I only know the Ting Tings from the style of that second one. They're pretty cool, but I guess it was naive to think they were that unique.

    It's also essentially the same as That Amazing Old Song:

    Has way better rappin', anyway.

  • Better rapping is because of Q-Tip. Better bass is because of Bootsie Collins.

    Q-Tip and Bootsie Collins should be in everything.
  • Q-Tip/Bootsie 2016!
  • Also: I no longer have any concept of which things I am supposed to be embarrassed of. I have, however, listened to this song approximately 10,000 times in the last week, despite my initial annoyance that it wasn't a cover of Knockin' on Heaven's Door like it sort of promises it is in the first couple of bars:

  • Am I doing this wrong?

  • I don't think "shame" is a necessary component of this. You can base your results on shame if you like, but this is just like... you know in your heart that this song falls into one or more buckets you normally despise for legitimate taste reasons and these songs just spill out of those buckets straight into your heart.
  • "Big Man with a Gun" by NIN.

    Pretty much all of the South Park movie soundtrack.

    I love them so hard but I need to be very careful about humming them in public.
  • ♬ Shut your fucking face Uncle Fucker 
  • ... and by "humming" I actually mean that tuneless shouty-chant I do when "singing along" to the lyrics of songs I like.

    Thanks for the earworm, Wook. Now I am continually fighting the urge to shouty-chant "Shut YOUR fucking face, Uncle Fucker" to arbitrary people I pass on the street.
  • Ha Scot's last post in the thread about kids these days reminded me: Gucci Gucci by Kreayshawn, which is a song now I love and know I should not love.

    I even wrote some parody lyrics about eating lunch in Chicago's Loop that I am sharing for Andrew since no one else will know/care:

    Cost Cosi
    Roti Roti
    Freshii Freshii
  • Also I'm pretty into the whole A$AP Mob and Schoolboy Q despite some pretty objectionable lyrics.

    And yet I can't stand How About Now by Drake because he talks about driving in the snow for his girlfriend when she had to take the bar exam like that is in any way even remotely comparable. So "motorboating tits" = fine but minimizing the bar exam = burn it all down.

    Also there are a few songs that I really like where Chris Brown guests (Only, Drop It Low) and I hate that I like them so much.
  • edited May 2015
    I like drugged out slowed down voices, creepy moody synth pads and samples, slow hard beats, and pretty much all creep-rap in general so the first few A$AP and Odd Future things I heard were pretty up my alley. I got pretty tired of OF's bullshit and let them slide away, but I still hold out hope that some future A$AP stuff will match Live Love A$AP for me. Didn't happen with Ferg or Yams so far.

    Still can't hang with Drake because I hate his actual voice. The mixtape he put out a month or two ago had some real promising stuff on it since I think he (or his producer?) let his hair down a little, but man... that voice.

    As for Chris Brown, I would never support that dude, but... a couple of years ago I unearthed this wonderful subculture on YouTube of people who use this really wonky and cheap looking 3d chat / game platform called IMVU to make extremely elaborate R&B videos (and I think it's pretty expensive because they have to buy all the custom outfits and dance moves and stuff with REAL MONEY) and the first (and still best) one I ever saw was Wet The Bed.

    Listen, I just love it so much. I hope that dude gets hit by a truck, but seriously... this is the most emotional sounding AND grody gross song about love making you could probably write and the best visual presentation for it that I could ever imagine. If anyone wants to talk in private, I am here for you.
  • Have we determined that one is allowed to consume and enjoy the work of artists who are reprehensible people in real life? I struggle with this.

    I also struggle with hip-hop. If I like mainstream gangsta-style hip-hop then I am misogynist; if I don't then I am racist. There is no way to win. (Truth be told, I find a lot of the gangsta-style hip-hop boring, but there is other stuff I like.)
  • i was actually thinking how that might be a more fitting and important application of this thread's title than the "damn kids" direction that was implied.
  • I will sing along with blurred lines and feel like a terrible person for doing it.
  • I just don't pay much attention to music anymore. Conscious clear!
  • edited May 2015
    I can veer this back to a safe space: This month I started listening to a goth / industrial music podcast

    I liked Ministry and Godflesh a lot when I was comin' up, but I always hated Nitzer Ebb and all that Wax Trax type of stuff, so this is real weird, but man.. I am kind of into it.

    I ended up liking this band Babyland quite a bit:

    And this song is brand new and PRETTY FAR OUTSIDE MY TASTES, but something about it is really working for me. I'm cool... no I'm cool it's okay...

    No really I'm fine. I'm all right. Well, I will be...
  • PS if anyone wants to get asymmetrical haircuts and check out some clove cigarettes with me, we can make this shit happen. Adopting the black sweater lifestyle at 40 can happen.
  • edited May 2015
    I have an asymmetrical haircut!

    If I part on the left: Normal
    If I part on the right: NEW WAVE

    Wow... Babyland sounds like Jesus Jones went Industrial... I'm digging it. 
  • Have we determined that one is allowed to consume and enjoy the work of artists who are reprehensible people in real life? I struggle with this. 
    I really think this is up to one's own conscience. I also think there's a difference between consuming and enjoying a reprehensible person's creative output and going to bat for that person. Like, I still like Rosemary's Baby and I will still watch it and feel pretty okay about it (and even make an argument that, intentional or not, it's a feminist horror movie in that the horror springs from Rosemary's lack of agency) but I'm in no way shape or form going to publicly defend Roman Polanski the way so many of his peers did. 

    For me whether I can handle a reprehensible person's output also depends on content. Like, long before Woody Allen was outed as a gross person, I found his movies to be skeezy apologia for a certain kind of creepy dude. Whereas before I would roll my eyes about them, now I find them sinister. Same with some musician's output. If you are beating the shit out of women on the regular and your songs are also chock full of misogyny or sexism, nope.  

    I definitely judge anybody still supporting Mike Tyson's career in any way shape or form, though. 
  • Jenny, I know all those places, but I do not know this song. I assume I'm grateful for that.
  • Can't do Mel Gibson anymore. The old Mad Max, Lethal Weapon - I can't watch him now with any kind of disbelief suspension. Same goes for OJ Simpson and the Naked Gun movies. I never liked Two and a Half Men, so Charlie Sheen didn't represent any big loss.

    But man, those old Phil Spector records are fucking gold.
  • OJ is a criminal, but I think if you're just kind of nuts like Mel, you can still act and be in good movies, I guess.
  • I was never a Fruhead, but I was pretty big into Moxy Fruvous, and I continued listening to their stuff for years and years. Now that's done, and I am pretty done with the radio show too.
  • yeah that dude has tainted everything he ever touched. blarf
  • altho wab kinew was a decent "oh shit what do we do now" host.
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