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Dumb Topic #5: Mundane young people things that make me feel bad

This one might be a little... niche... but over the last 10 years or so, I have grown increasingly horrified by the unchecked rise of technical looking socks.

Specifically, I cannot stand the basketball cosplay look of enormous Nike Elite socks matched with enormous hyper-high tops.


This is maybe the worst thing that has ever happened to America.


  • What makes you think anybody on the board pays attention to what young people do these days? We are all decrepit.
  • I am pretty out of touch with young people. Well, like young people between the ages of 7 and 30.

    Those crazy socks and shoes are totally off my radar.
  • Eva has some tie-died soccer socks that are pretty cool, though.

  • The wildman beard / urbanite hair combo. It's the mullet of the era.
  • Kind of like all these socks.
  • Never seen socks like these.  

    I'm more offended by those shoes for sure.
  • Doesn't stilton have a wildman beard/urbanite hair combo?
  • I can't stand any interaction with socks. I had a roommate in college who was gross as hell and wore cutesy winne the pooh socks that would get verrry grimy and he'd wear them all loose around the house and just typing this out is giving me dry heaves. I want to look his mother up and ask her what the fuck.
  • Do you run around sockless all the time? That seems gross too.
  • The only time I'm without socks is the brief few seconds I'm showering every day.

  • my socks are okay while i am wearing them. once i take them off, they become completely offensive biohazards.
  • Socks: I have 20 pair of the same black sock (and 1 pair each of brown, olive, and navy tucked away in the back just in case). 
  • snapchat, Google hangouts, any digital interaction involving video or many images.
    i am the texting and voice chat (but not phone calls) generation
  • Oh man check out Yik Yak and feel one million instantly.
  • Okay, I found some irritating things kids do:

    Student debt. WTF, people?
  • My girlfriend bought me these socks... They're awesome:

  • Huuaarggh!!!
  • Them's nice sockies
  • These and these are worse because they are like bomb pops and sherbet and any direct association between socks and my mouth makes me put a dent in spacetime with the speed of my repulsion.
  • Does your girlfriend put on your socks as you turn away with eyes shut tightly?
  • Uniqulo has good socks! Most of my socks are Uniqulo (dude socks, too, since I have giant feet) and I also have a few of these babies, which are so fucking soft and pleasant. I wish they came in crew/knee length so I could wear them in the winter, too. 
  • I was sitting next to some young people on the bus the other day and eavesdropping on an amazing conversation they were having about their totally mercenary dating habits, and how dating different people impacted their social status. The boy was talking about how his social status rose when he publicly broke up with a particular girl, and the girl he was talking to expressed some disbelief, and he responded, "Oh, it was a temporary rise. I knew it would be temporary, but it was nice while it lasted."

    I was both amused and horrified by their candor.  
  • It was like Vanity Fair playing out on the bus.
  • Is there an app for that?
  • So that's the social currency!
  • It's been a while since I paid attention to any of this, but a few years ago there was this little blip of pop-culture mushing kids named the Yung Klout Gang who were in with the other pop-culture mushing laptop / bedroom rapping weird white people like Kitty Pryde and Kreayshawn (don't bother) and made a splash by just being really good at SEO and social media...

    Kids today have access to analytics on everything and it's like no big deal.
  • "Starseeds"
  • All that is old is Bowie again.

    I used to fantasize that I was an alien from another planet too.
  • This Deep Dream stuff is freaking me the fuck out.
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