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Something you want to reconnect with but probably won't

edited July 2015 in The Pub
I will break my topic titling habit because I crave Jeff's participation, but I want you to know that an angel with it's wings clipped is just a plain guy. I hope you are happy.

So I was driving around this week and realized that Bjork hasn't been on my radar for probably a decade. Homogenic was one of my favorite albums of all time and I listened to it so often with so much concentration that I could probably identify parts of it just from the waveform... but some time around Vespertine, she wasn't really hitting the beats I was looking for while I was trying to re-metalize my life in my mid-20s. After that, I just never really went back.

But I know she's still at it! If I scan through anything she's done since then, I hear tons of cool affected electronics and plenty of intentionally imperfect layered vocals... all things I enjoy in the abstract even now. But for some reason I just don't really have the attention span to reconnect. 

I'm sure for someone else this feeling could apply to chess, breakdancing, javascript, wood carving... what have you abandoned that didn't really deserve the brush-off?


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    Programming for the web. Everything I do these days for work is very far backend. It's not even backend programming, it's deployment and build pipeline and data retention and pipeline. And frankly, it's fascinating. 

    But I keep having these cravings to make a game or two (I want a modern but expanded and borderline graphical remake of TradeWars 2002). I just can't motivate myself enough to do it because I'd rather spend time with my wife and see the sunlight and fix the house we bought and stuff like that. 

    If I could just go back to the lack-of-life that I had in my late teens and early 20s, I would be SO much more productive. 
  • photography.

  • Juggling. I got into it for a few years but then I plateaued, and even though I carry around beanbags everywhere I go I rarely take them out anymore.
  • I got my Rubik's Cube game down to about a 1:30 or so with a fancy (not expensive) chinese cube but then realized that to get any better, I was going to have to memorize and practice a bunch of shit and really just being able to solve a Rubik's cube once kind of deflates the mystery.

    On the plus side, it's only been like a year and I already forgot, so I could relearn the beginner algorithms for a cheap pop.
  • Running.
  • My brother is down to 1:05 in his Rubiks-solving. He's been solving Rubiks cubes consistently since he was a kid. He is trying to get under a minute but it's hard. He bought a fancy cube too that's easier to turn or something. 
  • Juggling! That's neat. 

    I, honestly, used to be a better drummer. I'd like to practice more, but I also really like the pursuits and fruits of being in a solid relationship, having a clean house, being a good home cook, and getting exercise. 
  • Yeah the regular old toy aisle cube is surprisingly awful to use once you have tried anything else. It's like auditing arthritis.
  • I've actually picked up juggling again. Not because I really wanted to, but I've found it's a great distraction method for the kid when she's freaking out about something. Still can only juggle three beanbags though, really need to get better with four.
  • Really I want to work up to joggling. But I'm a long way from that.
  • did you jugglers start out with napkins like the youtubes suggest or just go WHOLE HOG at the BAGS?
  • I started with bean bags, and have never really tried anything else. Nice because when you drop them they don't roll away.

  • I don't believe I've so much as picked up my guitar in two years.
  • I quit painting about as quickly as I started last year, and there are times I'm disappointed about that, but just can't muster the interest even though I felt like I was pretty okay at it. 

    Same with photography. I took a few while I was out of town this past weekend, but I'm using my new phone and feel like that's equivalent to giving up. 

    Exercise. Goddamn, I am trying to get that motivation back, but I think that's more a case of discipline than anything, of which I have very little. 

    Reading books. I spend way too much time online reading shit and FB posts (and comments! WTF.) and can't seem to get back to reading actual books, despite having several on my night stand that are of interest. 

    Cooking. I seem to be getting that mojo back, though - at least in fits and starts. 

    Now that John and I have broken up for real and for good, I've got a whole lot of free time again, and am slowly making my way back to doing at least some of the things I was doing before he and I met and spent so much time together. 
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  • > John

    Mr Big?
  • Needle craft, specifically the awesome Jean Luc Picard "Set Phasers to Stunning" cross stitch I started when I was pregnant with Ivy. 
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