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FroTo Request

Do you live someplace with lots of grubby bodegas? Do your grubby bodegas stock the increasingly rare and scarce FROSTED TOAST?

Please don't answer without double checking. I have been hurt before.

This is your chance to make several dollars via PayPal and perhaps poison a beloved but distant internet companion.


  • ... Bimbo Bread?!

    I don't think Canada is licensed for bodegas, grubby or not. ONCE AGAIN I DISAPPOINT.
  • I am with you! The closest thing I have to a bodega's sketchy snack selection is our mega-walmart because it caters to the people who come through town for one month a year with all the horses. 

  • That's... frightening.
  • Yes. It is frightening how enticing that looks. Thank you, capitalism!
  • Never seen that anywhere.  But I sort of want to try it.
  • Please be very careful before admitting defeat. This is the kind of snack that can sit quietly among the honey buns and knockoff zebra cakes at a gas station near you.

    probably cuz it's gross but I need 2 know 4 sure.
  • It looks like Bimbo doesn't distribute at all in Austin, but they both manufacture and distribute in Dallas and San Antonio. Next time I'm in either location I will check. I will also check Fiesta next time I go there to buy cheap animal parts. 
  • Man I don't know what Fiesta is but it sounds like a hellscape. They are BOUND to have this toast!
  • edited August 2015
    It's our local chain supermercado. It's kind of like the chicano charpie version of Kroger. 
  • your spanglish makes no sense to me.
  • Why not speak Franglais instead?
  • yak yak yak I hear a lot of yakkin' but there's no frosted toast in my inbox yet.
  • My local grocery carries Bimbo toast, but not the frosted variety. I may need to go further downmarket.
  • Go all the way down, Andrew! The rewards will bouy you back to sea level!
  • There's an off-brand gas station in my old neighborhood that carries some deep cut snacks. I'll check in next time I'm over there.
  • Bless you and bless everyone you cherish.
  • At least one good thing happened this week:

    Send me your address. I have 2 packages with your name on them.

    I bought their entire stock, but ate the third myself.

    There is truth in advertising.
  • FYI: Charlotte, NC at, I think, an Exxon/Kangaroo.
  • I saw Van Halen last night and they played "I'll Wait" and NOW THIS. Truly Labor Day Weekend is a time of magic.
  • Wow. I can't believe that product actually exists. I am inclined to believe this is an elaborate Photoshop hoax. I mean, if stilton was able to find this product in the Carolinas then why didn't Wookiee locate it for you?

    I think it goes without saying that we expect a full report.
  • I think I missed this thread initially.  At least I haven't looked around for frosted toast, but Sara Lee is also a Bimbo brand and their HQ is (or at least was) in town here.  
  • Did you get the Froto?

    I'm eager to see your review.
  • I am promising to dust off PW this weekend just because of this toast. Another friend sent me a pack of it at the same time unexpectedly so I am spoiled for this toast... 

  • If scot dusts off PW then I may be obligated to elevate stilton's status to "best friend". SORRY EVERYBODY.
  • I haven't been inside a gas station in the past three weeks.
  • I've checked three different brand gas stations and come up empty :(
  • I'm traveling across NC to the beach, and I will check for the mythical Froto, but morale is low.
  • edited November 2015
    I highly recommend eating some.

    It's like a dollop of Jiffy icing sandwiched between two stale pieces of toast.
  • edited November 2015
    Y'all know you can just toast some bread and smear some Betty Crocker between the slices and you'll probably come out with something that's a little easier to digest than something made by Bimbo that you'd expect to still find fresh in the Wasteland after exiting a Vault-Tec vault? 
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