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tv reccs

Amo Narcos.

It's tying together patches of related news I can recall from the '80s.  I am stunned to hear about some of the shit that went down.


  • I have been watching a show on Netflix called Still Game where a town full of aging Scottish people all swear at each other. All of the dullest television is better when it has an accent and curses.

    I have also been watching Adam Ruins Everything and it's extremely tightly written... just a nonstop barrage of jokes and jokes and jokes interspersed with some controversial information.
  • Wow, Adam Ruins Everything's pretty good.
  • Halt and Catch Fire recently. I like it because I like the lead guy, but I have trouble getting over the show is about stupid computers.

    Other stuff recently, Minority Report, Muppets, Dark Matter. Started Hereos Reborn, but you can't fool me twice Heroes. 
  • I have been enjoying Longmire. it's surprisingly good for an A&E show (we're not at the Netflix season yet.) its the most Native actors I've seen in one place since North of 60...
  • Red Oak and Hand of God on Amazon Prime are pretty good.

    Also The Grinder (Rob Lowe) is a lot funnier than I expected
  • Big fan of Longmire... Only halfway through he Netflix season.

    Surprisingly enjoying Muppets.

    Very sad Rick and Morty's season is over.

    Enjoying Doctor Who again.

  • I'm sitting here doing a little work and watching the current Flash series in the background. 

    What have I become?!
  • I just finished the first season of iZombie, which I would recommend if you enjoyed Veronica Mars at all.

    It's pretty much just like that. Only with zombies. And that works much better than you might think...

    Also: if you did not enjoy Veronica Mars, we are officially no longer on speaking terms.
  • I have never watched Veronica Mars. Does that make our status indeterminate, or am I blacklisted until I watch said show and enjoy it?
  • For about a year now, I thought I had reached "peak entertainment" (or the reverse of?), where I couldn't possibly catch up with all the shows, Tubes, and games I really wanted to experience.

    But then my standards kept ratcheting up (sorry, Vikings) and I feel like I'm scraping the barrel again, awaiting new seasons of Broad City, Major Lazer, and a bunch others.

    I'd gratefully pay good money for a new series on par with Six Feet Under or The Wire, adjusted for expectations-inflation.
  • I had no idea major lazer had a show
  • It's fun and feels extra-right when viewed stoned, as I believe it's meant to be.

    Re: iZombie -- I was skeptical until about 5 minutes in; I'm down with it because innovations.  (I was so, so wrong to think back in 2007 that Americans had had their fill of the genre when a writer told me that's what he was specializing in.)
  • Oh shit, I forgot there are new episodes of Fargo!
  • > I had no idea major lazer had a show

    You posted one of the episodes, if memory serves me right, which it probably DOESN'T.

    It had a Harlem Beat puppy.
  • ( I posted that episode (in one of the "random vid" threads, I think). )
  • ohhhhh right you are
  • I'll offer a third for Longmire. I'm not sure why that show is so good, but it is really, really good.
  • I went to high school with the guy who plays Ferg.  He was a year or two behind me - I'm not sure I can watch the show because of that.
  • we finally got to the Netflix season of Longmire and now they have a renewal for s5. woo hoo!

    in reading the renewal news I saw that it was a&e's second highest rated show when they dumped it, because not enough people under 35 watched it. lol. RIP network tv
  • Weird, it's like why did they even make it then? 

    There's no way in hell it was intended for the 18-35 demo. 
  • Hey I've been watching iZombie and like it just fine! (I liked Veronica Mars, too.)

    My favorite TV lately has been anything British involving a moody detective inspector with a shady past and damp, sweeping, desolate landscapes. Bonus when if they hit the setting as character and pinboard covered in crime scene photos and string tropes. 
  • The 100.
  • edited November 2015
    Oh, that reminds me: the Returned is on Netflix, but it's the original French Les Revenants and it is wonderful. Sort of like a French Sweet Hereafter except with undead. Or something.
  • I just started watching Mr. Robot and like it quite a lot.
  • Jessica Jones is pretty good... It's Daredevil good... Maybe a little better. That means it's like 1/10th the budget and 10 times better than Agents of SHIELD. 
  • Catastrophe is smart and funny -- a compelling combination of bearable acerbic and cringe humor between a modern American every(ish)man and an Irish woman who mostly doesn't give af.
  • Detectorist is a quirky and heart-warming british comedy about a group of people who hunt for 'buried treasure' with metal detectors.
  • I tried with that show but I think Gareth from the Office doesn't work well for me as that character. Either that or the british version of heartwarming doesn't really sit well with me. I think I just expect everything to be mean spirited loser-comedy now and can't parse anything else.
  • I also enjoyed Detectorists. However, I never saw the British Office and so don't have any associations...

    We just watched Love - it's a Neflix original and it's pretty good. It probably helps if, like me, you're half-in-love with Gillian Jacobs.
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