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Workin' hard or...

edited November 2015 in The Pub
A really bland 'n dumb HUMP DAY discussion that I want you to think very seriously about because it goes in your file:

1. Would you keep working if you didn't have to?

2. Would it be your current job or similar?

3. Why? Are you a stupid?

4. If you answered YES to #1 but NO to #2, what 3 (THREE) jobs would you inexpertly audit now that you are a carefree millionaire beholden to no one and free to spread your wonderful professional wings?


  • 1. Would definitely keep working after a period of doing a lot of work to my house. 

    2. Very different. Would work with both my brain and my hands. Would probably design and install advanced rainwater collection and automated garden irrigation systems. 

    3. Absolutely. That, and I really don't like being bored. I'm allergic to boredom. I'm also not that good at challenging and disciplining myself. 

    4. See #2. Ideal job would be a mix of working with electronics and gardens and plumbing, so those three. 
  • 1. Yes I enjoy tasks and achievement and having some kind of loose structure to my life otherwise I am really quick to snap-in to that couch potato life or just driving around aimlessly doing the same 5 things like the real-life equivalent of F5'ing the same 5 websites all day.

    2. Not even slightly, bro.

    3. I actually meant #3 as a modifier to #2 not #1 like I simply can't imagine anyone sticking with their current job when freedom brings opportunity. I'm almost always a "what's behind door #2" person. I want to see everything even if it sucks.

    4. I am not good enough at any of my hobbies to turn them into a career that anyone would ever want to pay for, so I'd need a few months off of all responsibilities to hone the skills and also restart the various services in my brain that generate ideas. I'd like to just post on messageboards for a living if possible. 

    I've also always wanted to do something a little more hands-on and physical but I think I am getting too old to jump into volunteer fireman or scuba rescue. Woodworking would be righteous. In fact I wouldn't mind just learning a trade from scratch like electricianism or welderism. I don't need to be good at it since I am independently wealthy or something, but I probably would be good at it because I am meticulous about physical craft when I finally decide to undertake it.
  • #4 extended: I'd also be cool with any variation of just donating my time to something worthwhile or pursuing a serious intelligence-boost like ho-hum maybe I'll just go to med school or learn to make robots. I don't know. Volunteering is probably the nicer option.
  • 1)  No.  I'd rather be a professional student, collecting degrees and drug-addled experiences for fun.
  • 1. Yes

    2. Yes

    3. I like my job. I would probably take a few more chances though, be a little bolder.

    4. But maybe I'd get fired and I'd have to pick three jobs for this question anyway. I don't know. I'd probably stay in legaltech since that is all I've ever worked in and probably the only thing I'm qualified for. I wouldn't go back to school, because fuck ever giving a university any money ever again. Maybe I'd start my own foundation or something. 
    1. Sort of.
    2. No Way.
    3. Shut up, I'm awesome.
    4. I would probably do the sorts of things rich people do:
    • Manage my foundation. 
    • Spend hours a day hectoring the architect designing my new kitchen. 
    • Buy horses (?). 
    • Enter into ill-advised business schemes with Saudi princes and Japanese billionaires.

  • Yeah I guess I forgot that being rich remands that you be on the board of a country club and spend all day making racist jokes in a sauna with the other moguls. Hiring detectives to follow various family members is like an entire tuesday alone.
  • I wouldn't work for someone else.  I'd probably do some creative shit on my own.  Writing 50 Shades Of Cowboymeme or whatever.
  • I would read that book.
  • I don't think I really want to know who would play what role in that book. 
  • Contradiction plays all the roles. You won't believe what you see.
  • There are some who accuse me of being sadistic towards myself, but those rumours are dirty lies propagated by dirty liars such as me.

    To answer the survey (which is not hypothetical in my case):

    1. I utterly do not want to work for a living.

    2. There might be some aspects of my current employment I would like to maintain, but they are largely anxiety-driven. I doubt I will ever find another place where I am tolerated to the degree I am, so that is a factor. I am pretty unqualified for anything except low-grade computer janitorial services, so that's a factor too.

    3. Yes, I am a stupid. Also I am profoundly stuck in my work situation, which probably makes me a stupider. Time is ticking away and so is my health.

    4. I do not meet the qualifications to answer this question, but in my more feverish moments I have idly considered: educational comedy, singlehandedly addressing the energy apocalypse, moving to the woods and writing people letters, devoting my life to the 3x+1 problem. I have ruled out: farming, politicianing, medical doctoring. I am pretty damn close to ruling out: teaching, programming, becoming a monastic, travelling the world for fun and profit, stand-up comedying, writing professionally, or contributing in any other way that might benefit society.
  • No. I'd sit on my ass, watch TV, movies, or video games, most likely while stoned.
  • 1. Yes.

    2. Sort of... I love being a designer. I love leading designers. I'd like to dig deeper and branch out further though. Maybe work on physical products or non-commercial projects. 

    3. A little.

    4. I'd pick up skills that rarely pay the bills and become an eccentric artist. I'd also read Wook's book.
  • I like the idea of the plot twist of Contradiction being a self-flaggelist a la Fight Club, but now it's spoiled and I don't want to pay the royalties anyway.
  • I just spent a half hour reading about the Collatz Conjecture thanks to Contradition, so perhaps I am already living the dream.
  • When you start writing scripts to try and analyze possibilities you know you are in trouble.
  • 1. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck no!

    2. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    3. My job is slowly killing me with stress. 

    4. I suppose once I got tired of not working (lololololNEVER) I might 1) do some plaintiff's side disability claim legal work; 2) teach some classes at the community college level; or 3) go back to some kind of freelance writing work.
  • 1. yesish
    2. fuck no
    4. start some crafting/maker-ethic business(es) with my mom, attach myself to the local geology department via a PhD or something and not finish it (on purpose) and spend the rest of my life running field trips & writing geological guidebooks. I don't have a third yet, it would come organically.
  • 1. NOPE. I mean, I'd volunteer or something but it would be on my own damn time. At least until the third day of not leaving the house or getting out of bed, and then I'd probably have to find some kind of job somewhere, probably. 

    2. Yes. Similar, anyway. Now that I'm working in a much better, happier, healthier, more grateful environment, and we're working to help women in the same position I was in 17 years ago, I could see myself staying in a place like that, maybe working part-time as a therapist, and then traveling. A lot. All the time. Actually, fuck it. I'd just travel and eat and drink and write about it. With photos. Because there aren't enough travel/eating bloggers already. 

    3. Mos def. I think I'd have to work because otherwise I get depressed and weird without a routine and near-daily human contact. 

    4. I want to massage infants in the NICU. I also want to hold the hands of old people who've been left to die in retirement homes by their "families." And I'd want there to be a place for me to practice baking. And then I'd write about it, and if I could get paid for that, SWEET. 
  • got damn your #4's are charitable but grim
  • I used to want to adopt babies with terminal illnesses who'd been abandoned. Pretty sure I'm wired grim.
  • Minx makes me feel like crying, and I also feel dumb for being anxious about my problems.  (Serenity now!)
  • NICU is fucking stressful, I never want to spend time in one again.
  • I'll third that.
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