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The New Star War - Our most important discussion in ages



  • [no spoilers below]

    Eh, predictable, even without watching any of its previews.
    3D makes flying things look like toys.
  • Not yet.
    George Lucas didn't have anything to do with it, so probably.
    Hype much?
  • yes.
    3d unnecessary.
  • Yes! I may see it again!

    I saw it in IMAX 3D. It was A-OK, but 3D is absolutely not a prerequisite for enjoying the film. Honestly, I think The Martian handled 3D better, even though it was fairly subtle.

    It was Star Wars. It did all the things it needed to do to be Star Wars, so complaints about repetition are like "duh". 

    I did not enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Return of the Jedi as a 7 year old, but probably more than I enjoy any other Star Wars movie as an adult. I also enjoyed it more than the 2 Star Trek reboot movies. 

    It's not deep. It's Star Wars... and all the silly things that entails. It's the most Star Warsy movie since The Empire Strikes back.

  • I haven't seen it. Won't see it. Not a fan. However I would more likely see it than I would these new ST movies, which just make me seethe with rage.
  • Disney is the mind killer, and my political enemy.

    I hate that all of the internet conversation has been tempting me. My weakness for branded franchises fails me again.

    I have not seen it. If it is being shown for free at the library I might bite, but I am ashamed admitting even that much.

    I remember watching A New Hope in the theatre when it was re-released and I remember not liking it much because of how it treated NPCs.
  • On the other hand I had *Return of the Jedi* and *The Karate Kid Part II* recorded off the TV on VHS tape, so I guess I watched the same Star Wars movie on endless repeat for years.
  • I was pretty overcome by the sensation of watching something happen a long time ago in a galaxy far far away that didn't suck. 

    I fall in line with most of the popular reactions, I think. I was very entertained and overall pleased even though the plot was obviously pretty safe (and holey). 

    A lot of big decisions were weird and questionable, but the casting decisions of the new main characters were excellent. Modern action-humor fits very well into the universe and I laughed like tears-laughter at several scenes which has never happened in any other star war that I can think of. 

    Let me know when it is safe to speak openly with spoilers.
  • How was the audience when you guys saw it?  Did it affect your viewing?

    Mine felt like a small crowd, no kids, very quiet on a Saturday noon, not sure whether out of reverence or the three separate HUSH! pre-announcements having an effect; I don't recall anyone coughing or noisily shifting in their seats.

    No whooping, a few soft laughs, and one yelp of surprise.  I guess I liked it that way.
  • I waited a while and saw it in a really normal theater with a really quiet crowd who didn't really clap at the end or any of that noise. They all laughed and hooted at appropriate times though so it was mid to medium neutral okay.
  • I watched it in 3D and I liked it.  I'd pay to watch it again.
    I thought they went a bit heavy on the homage to the first three movies.  Waaaay too many parallels. 
  • I saw it opening morning at 9:30 and I might have been the youngest person there. Really quiet.

    Saw it again the following Monday in a packed IMAX 3D screen and they were much more boisterous.

    Enjoyed both.
  • Personally, all of my good will towards the franchise was nuked from orbit by the fucking prequels, which were so rotten and bad, so I was pretty indifferent to this until all the enthusiasm started to rub off on me. So now sure, yes, I will see it eventually! It seems like people like it a lot and I enjoy fun sci fi adventure movies.
  • We watched it again!

    It was even better the second time!
  • Finally saw it. Been having a hard time getting tickets to our preferred movie theater because so many people are seeing it over and over again. Now I can finally visit corners of the internet that I had kept hidden for over a month...

    I still think the original trilogy was better, but this comes closer to it than any of the prequels did. It is missing the spontaneity that the original cast had with one another ... The only person who pulled that off was Fin.
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