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Hell with it... what's your Bowie thing?

edited January 2016 in The Pub
I think everyone has either an album or era they hold dear or maybe a moment when it all made sense. What's yours?


  • I love this cover:

  • No shame in that game. I think Bowie appreciation is cumulative and Wes Anderson is as strong a vector as anything.
  • My introduction to David Bowie came by way of my sister; it's one of the things I will always associate with her in a positive way. When my parents split, my dad took my sister and brother with him to Australia and I stayed with my mom. When my dad moved back to the US, he had a new wife and son, and my sister came to live with my mom and me for her senior year; I was in fifth grade. She'd discovered Bowie while living in Sydney, and she brought back a bunch of records and books with photos... he was so different from anyone I'd ever seen, and I fell in love immediately. That just happened to coincide with MTV, and all the videos he put out in the 80's (Fashion, Heroes, Ashes to Ashes), and it just solidified my affection. 
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    I don't remember discovering Bowie. He was always there - but, really, that was eighties Bowie. I didn't love Bowie until I discovered space-Bowie which wasn't until I was in high school. To me, space-Bowie will always be the best Bowie.

    Other Bowies are also excellent, but if you asked me to name my favorite Bowie songs, the first half dozen would be off of Hunky Dory and the Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust.
  • I liked Let's Dance A LOT as a kid. It was one of my favorite albums and I listened to it a ton. I was obviously too young to really process any of the nuances, but I do recall having the sense that some rock stars were older and were managing to carve out an ongoing niche in the 80s... like you could still wear a Stones t-shirt to school and be cool even though they were in their 40s and your parents liked them. Sabbath too. I didn't really know how to articulate any of that, but I definitely understood that it was a situation.

    So yeah part of my 8-year-old self knew that Bowie was from a different period of time. And then that kind of continued as he was a vampire in one movie I was never going to see and some kind of musical advertising exec in another movie I was never going to see and then I just kind of stopped thinking about him entirely as any kind of musical force. Apart from the coolness of him showing up as the Goblin King, I started seeing him as just some relic 70s dude forming a noisy (but not THAT noisy) hard rock band with a bunch of other pasty older dudes in suits... and I was also an actual metal scummer by that time so I didn't want some dull rock dinosaur auditing my space that way.

    Then he put out Earthling and I'm not going to claim that it was a particularly legendary album, but it showed up at a time when my favorite album was Mu-ziq Lunatic Harness and Roni Size's big album was all over MTV News and it was pretty unsettling that the goddamn Goblin King just put out a legit pop version of that. I didn't really become an overnight fan, but I changed my opinion and developed some respect instantly.

    I honestly think the real maneuver was Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I liked that movie a lot and the best part was the song "Midnight Radio" which I recognized as a 70s Bowie pastiche and had like an immediate sensation of loving everything in the "Life On Mars" Bowie spectrum. By then you could actually snag entire catalogs through file sharing so I became an overnight Bowie poser which is more or less still my status.
  • This software really shows off the parts of your walls of text where you overworked the wording a little bit... it's like the font-size equivalent of a heavy smear of eraser marks.
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    Also I have a good friend who is a massive and scholarly Bowie fan who pioneered that "what was bowie doing at my age?" philosophy AGES before that supbowie site launched... and it comes up in conversation relentlessly because we are both getting older and were both pretty glad that there was at least one monster-huge, globally important artist who stayed awesome and productive and musically interesting well past age 40. 

    Of all the bumbling pudgy relics out there playing slowed down versions of their hits detuned a whole step because they can't hit the notes anymore... why did it have to be the guy who wrote "Blackstar" IN HIS SIXTIES?
  • I never was a big Bowie fan, and now most of my associations are tainted and toxic. I still like the end credits of *The Cove* (hello cliche!) and "I'm Afraid of Americans" (surprise, surprise).
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  • Labyrinth. full stop.
  • Blackstar is a pretty expert-level piece of music (the song not the album).

    But everyone loves Lazarus from some reason I dunno.
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